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Tomorrow’s Power

(2017), 76min.

This critically-acclaimed feature-length documentary showcases three communities- in Gaza, Colombia and Germany- and their unique and inspiring responses to economic and environmental emergencies they are facing.

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Another word for learning

(2019), 73 min.

Following a mother and daughter's intimate journey of (re)discovering their connection to their indigenous culture while living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

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Lawyers (f)or Justice?

(2020), 26 min.

Lawyers (f)or Justice? is an exploration of the contemporary viability of socially conscious law in Ontario.

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Gaza: Health Under Siege

(2018), 46 min.

Witness the daily realities affecting the management of human health-related systems under the blockade: access to clean water and hospital care as well as effective food and waste management.

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The Carbon Rush

(2012), 84min.

This award-winning feature documentary takes us around the world to meet the people most impacted by the multi-billion dollar carbon industry and the so-called carbon offset projects, in places like India, Brazil, Panama and Honduras.

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Outside of EUrope

(2008), 9 & 28min.

Using Ukraine as a case study, this critical short documentary examines the exclusionary nature of EU immigration and border policies and the responsibilities that are placed on peripheral countries to handle the flow of migrants and refugees.

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Myths for Profit

(2009), 58min.

This highly entertaining, well-argued documentary examines the claim that Canada is the global “good guy”. An essential introduction to geopolitics and profits, from peacekeeping and NATO to "aid and development".

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