Myths for Profit: Canada’s Role in Industries of War and Peace

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Myths for Profit: Canada’s Role in Industries of War and Peace

Documentary, 2009, 58min.

Canada the global good guy? Lets examine that claim. Essential intro to geopolitics and profits, from NATO to Afghanistan via Kosovo. 'Myths for Profit: Canada's Role In Industries of War and Peace' takes a different approach to peacekeeping, the military and development, raising all sorts of questions along the way. An entertaining, well argued documentary.

MYTH 1: "Canada is a peacekeeping nation"

This section examines the changes within the Canadian military policies, from the historical beginnings of peacekeeping to the recent missions, and what has been the agenda behind these actions. Particular focus is given to the role Canada has taken in NATO, the current perpetual war in Afghanistan, and how Canada played a pivotal role in pushing the policy of ‘humanitarian bombing’ in Yugoslavia in 1999.

MYTH 2: "Canada’s military purpose is defence"

By investigating the magnitude of the Canadian military industrial complex, this section probes the intersecting relationships between various government agencies and corporations as well as public complicity in this vast and largely overlooked multi-billion dollar industry.

MYTH 3: "Canada's aid is helping people around the world"

This section examines the active role taken through regional development banks, Export Development Canada (EDC) and Canada’s development agency’s (CIDA), that are designed and carried out to ensure a free market neoliberal agenda, through tied and phantom aid in present and post-conflict zones.




Justin Podur - Editor of Z-Net online magazine

Scott Taylor - Publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine

Sherene Razack - Author, Professor of Sociology, U of T

Michael Mandel - Author, Professor of International Law, York U

Thomas Marr - Canadian Ambassador to Croatia

Richard Sanders - Editor of Press for conversion

Slobodanka Borojevich - Plaintiff in Lawsuit against Canadian Government

over bombing of former Yugoslavia

Igor Todorovich - Economic Analyst and Journalist

Steven Staples - Director of Rideau Institute

Patricia Adams - Executive Director of Probe International

Karyn Keenan - Program Officer, Halifax Initiative

Sakura Saunders - Program Associate, CorpWatch

André Geneaux - Canadian Director of EBRD

Richard Veillete - Director General of CIDA

Jesse Griffiths - Policy Officer, Action Aid








Amy Miller

Amy Miller

Writer, Director, Producer

Amy Miller is a Montreal-based, award-winning filmmaker whose films have been screened at more than eighty festivals around the world. She is a media maker and social justice organizer, and remains dedicated to developing critical documentaries for transformative social change and aiding grassroots campaigns for justice.

Boban Chaldovich

Boban Chaldovich

Editor, Post-Production Supervisor

Boban Chaldovich is a filmmaker, video editor and graphic animator working on social, economic and climate justice documentaries and videos. His work has been shown at numerous international film festivals, community events and television stations across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Jeff Feldman

Jeff Feldman


A former member of Pulse Ultra, Jeff is now currently working on music project called Alone Architect. He is involved in many different musical artistic ventures, as well as occasionally composing films scores.

Eric Abraham Viggo Hanson

Eric Abraham Viggo Hanson


An animator, illustrator, videographer and songwriter from Montreal. Hanson has worked in every conceivable artistic medium, and is desperately afraid that if he doesn’t watch himself, he’ll end up working in advertising. He’s currently living in his hometown under an assumed name.

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