Outside of EUrope

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Watch the 9 minute version here:

'Outside of EUrope' is a critical, short documentary examining the exclusionary nature of EU immigration and border policies and the responsibilities that are placed on periphery countries to handle the flow of migrants and refugees. Ukraine is used as the case study. Far from the eyes of the public, and never seen before on film, the documentary takes the viewer inside the Mukachevo Detention Centre for Women and Children Refugees, as well as the Pavshino Detention Centre for Illegal Migrants and Refugees in Ukraine. Through diverse interviews that include refugees who failed in their attempt to cross into the EU, as well as officials such as the Immigration Minister for the Transcarpathia region, 'Outside of EUrope' throws light on various human right issues that incur from the expansion of the European Union.


Reframe Int. Film Festival

23-25 January 2009

Exodus Shorts Film Festival

15 – 21 June 2009

Calgary Film Festival

19-28 September 2008

Part of the film was used in KANAL B's compilation DVD 'Cochabamba meets Berlin' dedicated to European Social Forum 2008.

9 minute version in December 2009 received Audience Award at CBC/RCI's Migr@tions online contest.


Amy Miller - Producer / Director / Assistant Editor
Boban Chaldovich - coProducer / coDirector / Editor
K. Flo Razowsky - Photographer
Nikola Rekovich - Animation Designer
Petar Milovanovich - Break Beat Music Author
Sinisha Marchek - Ethno Music Author
Tu-Tree - Electro Music Author
Oskur - Additional Footage
IndyVideo.ru - Additional Footage
Majda Puacha - Narration 1
Aleksandra Spasov - Narration 2
Sasha From Kiev - Translation
Ka - Translation


9, 16 & 28 min.

SCREENINGS in various community centers and film nights:

  • Bremen, DE January 15, 2008
  • Budapest, HU February 8th, 2008
  • Prague, CZ February 10th 2008
  • Bogotà, COL February 26th 2008
  • Belgrade, SRB February 28th 2008
  • St. Petersburg, RU March 10th 2008
  • Belgrade, SRB March 25th 2008
  • Vienna, AU April 2nd 2008
  • Zagreb, HR April 11th 2008
  • Zajechar, SRB April 30th 2008
  • Rijeka, CRO June 24th 2008
  • Montreal, CA September 18th 2008
  • Calgary Film Festival, CA September 21st 2008
  • Peterborough, CA October 8th 2008
  • Vancouver, CA October 28th 2008
  • Reframe Film Festival, Peterborough, CA Jan. 24th 2009
  • Exodus Film Festival, Manchester, UK June 20th 2009
  • No Border Camp, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, September 10th 2010
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