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Spring 2011 updates

A warm Spring greeting from Delhi, India! We just finished the 7th week of production for The Carbon Rush, a feature documentary which takes an up close look at the impact carbon offset projects are having on the communities directly effected by these carbon for credit schemes. It has been a breathtaking, inspiring whirlwind of a shoot, which took us to the Aguan Valley in Honduras, Montes Claros and Parangua in Brazil, as well as Maharastra and Delhi in India. With one more week of shooting in Panama left before we wrap, the energy of the team continues to be high as we are meeting the most incredible people who continue to resist and fight back against the offset projects being imposed upon them. Paul Kell, Director of Photography for the film has been keeping a blog of our journey and slowly I am putting up production stills here.

Despite the busyness of the shoot, I was just so excited to share the wonderful news that À St Henri, le 26 Août, will have its world premiere at Hot Docs in Toronto that I needed to type up a quick newsletter. This brilliant documentary directed by Shannon Walsh and produced by Sarah Spring at Parabola Films, is a contemporary look at St Henri, a neighborhood in Montréal, which has been changing dramatically over the last few decades. The documentary is engaging, beautiful and because Shannon invited 14 directors to participate in ‘documenting’ the area over the course of 24 hours, very diverse. If you are in Toronto there will be three screenings of À St Henri during the festival and I hope to see you there! Congratulations Shannon!

In other good news, during our first night in Delhi Paul Kell received the fabulous news that the short ‘Aftermath Mumbai‘ in which he was the Director of Photography, had been accepted into The International Cannes Film Festival. Way to go!

A few upcoming screenings of ‘Myths for Profit’ in Western Canada to mention: In Cawston, BC at The Cawston Film Festival on March 26th and in Mahone Bay, BC at the EarthDream Film Festival on April 9th. Tamara Lorincz, well-known Halifax peace activist and member of the Halifax Peace Coalition will lead the discussion following the screening at the EarthDream Film Festival. For the month of March Wide Open Exposure teamed up with Dru Oja Jay who is running for a board member position at Mountain Equipment Cooperative. Those that choose to help his campaign have a chance of winning a copy of the ‘Making War in Canada’ poster. Learn more about Dru’s campaign, help out and you can win a poster in next week’s draw.

Love and Light,

Solidarity and Struggle,

Amy Miller

Wide Open Exposure

August 2010 updates

Wow! Is it already the end of summer? Time goes by so quickly when you are having fun and there is good weather.

Throughout the summer we have been moving along with our own projects but also have been collaborating on an exciting documentary project 'À St Henri Le 26 Août' directed by Shannon Walsh and produced by Sarah Spring and Selin Murat at Parabola Films. Shot in cinéma-vérité style, "St-Henri" traces the diverse stories that happen side-by-side in the city, yet that often remain invisible to one another.Over the course of 24 hours, 12 film crews will descend on the neighbourhood of St-Henri to capture this story. Using a common set of visual criteria, each team will consist of a unit-director, cinematographer and sound recordist and will follow a microcosm from early morning on the first day of school to early morning the next day.

Amy has been invited to be one of the unit-directors with Boban on-board as a director of photography. The film is set to be released Spring 2011.

You might remember us mentioning a map in the last newsletter that we hoped would be finished in time for the beginning of the school....We are tremendously pleased to announce that it is all set and ready to go! The 'Making war in Canada' map looks beautiful and is super slick. 24" by 32" in full colour this companion map to 'Myths for Profit: Canada's Role In Industries of War and Peace' is going to look great in classrooms across the country and your hallway. They are available for $10 or with a copy of the film for $25. Bulk rates available.

We are continuously inspired by the Global 'No Borders' movement that just keeps growing and are very happy to be invited to screen 'Outside of EUrope' in the UK to gear folks up for the No Border Camp in Belgium at the end of September. If you haven't had a chance to watch 'Outside of EUrope' 9 minute version can be seen online.

The 3 minute version of 'Nex Venatus' has been selected as part of Telus' ShortsNonStop contest. In addition to an award chosen by a jury there is also an audience award. Help us win! Please vote here. Rate the video by clicking five stars in the upper right corner. Thanks!

'Myths for Profit' will be screened at the Milano International Film Festival in their special section on September 12th in Italy, and for folks out West, there is a free screening being organized by Cinema Politica and the Vancouver Public Library on September 16th.

We were pleasantly surprised that 'Myths for Profit' has been invited to be screened during the first Film North Film Festival in Huntsville Ontario on September 24th.

September 10 • Newcastle • 'Outside of EUrope' screening in UK
September 12 • Milano • 'Myths for profit' at Milano International Film Festival
September 16 • Vancouver • Cinema Politica screening of 'Myths for profit' in Vancouver
September 24 • Huntsville • 'Myths for profit' at Film North Film Festival

With justice in our hearts,
Wide Open Exposure team

July 2010 updates

Over the last twelve months we have been keeping very busy but have not done a great job of keeping people informed on what we are up to. We are trying to change that with our brand new newsletter (which you are currently reading) and hope to send regular updates every six weeks or so. 

The first exciting news is that the French version of 'Myths for Profit' has been released!  This fully french version includes french narrations and subtitles. Please let your francophone friends, and the francophone institutions and organizations you are part of know that ''Des mensonges payants" is now available and can be ordered at our online store. 

La version française du film "Des mensonges payants: Le rôle du Canada dans les industries de la guerre et de la paix" est disponible! S'il vous plaît, partager cette nouvelle avec vos amis francophones, ainsi qu'avec vos contacts d'institutions et d'organismes.  Peut être commandé ici.
If you are in the area, 'Myths for Profit' will be screened in Okanagan, BC during the International Okanagan Film Festival . July 24th, 2010, 9:00pm Black Box Theatre. 

For the folks living in or visiting Montreal, on August 11th 2010 there will be another screening of 'Myths for profit', at 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy, 2110 Mackay Street (Metro Guy-Concordia) at 19:30.

We are thrilled that 'Myths for Profit' will be having its European premiere, in Italy at the Milano International Film Festival, special 'State (T)error' program. The 'State (T)error program'  "shows authentic stories, documentaries depicting a complex pattern of the system of powers and the economic and political interests that have the control over it. They show the strategies of all the subjects involved in the system (governments, multinationals, media); wars, violence, speculation, injustice, distortion of information, to control the citizens and increase the wealth". Wow! The festival runs between September 10-19th and more information can be found on their website.

We are currently developing a fabulous map to accompany 'Myths for Profit' that shows you where the various war profiteers across Canada are located. It will be all set for mid August, perfect for the new school year so let the teachers in your life know. 

With justice in our hearts,
Wide Open Exposure team

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