Myths for Profit

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Canada's Role in Industries of War and Peace

Canada the global good guy? Lets examine that claim. Essential intro to geopolitics and profits, from NATO to Afghanistan via Kosovo. 'Myths for Profit: Canada's Role In Industries of War and Peace' takes a different approach to peacekeeping, the military and development, raising all sorts of questions along the way. An entertaining, well argued documentary.

MYTH 1) 'Canada is a peacekeeping nation' examines the changes within the Canadian military policies and what has been the agenda of these actions. From the historical beginnings of peacekeeping, to the recent missions, the documentary takes a critical look to the motives behind these actions. Particular focus is given to the role Canada has taken in NATO, the current perpetual war in Afghanistan, and how Canada played a pivotal role in pushing the policy of ‘humanitarian bombing’ in Yugoslavia in 1999.

MYTH 2) 'Canada’s military purpose is defence' By investigating the magnitude of the Canadian military industrial complex, this section probes the intersecting relationships between various government agencies and corporations as well as public complicity in this vast industry.

MYTH 3) 'Canada's aid is helping people around the world' investigates how various government agencies and ministries have specific agendas they are implementing around the world. The active role taken on in regional development banks, to the policies pushed by Export Development Canada are designed and carried out to ensure a free market neo-liberal agenda in different countries, regardless of the negative effect they may have on the communities and environment they impact. This includes how Canada’s development agency’s (CIDA) tied and phantom aid function in post and present conflict zones.

La version française du film "Des mensonges payants: Le rôle du Canada dans les industries de la guerre et de la paix" est disponible! S'il vous plaît, partager cette nouvelle avec vos amis francophones, ainsi qu'avec vos contacts d'institutions et d'organismes.


Amy Miller - Writer / Producer / Director
Boban Chaldovich - Co-Director / Editor /
Graphic Animator
Shannon Walsh - Consulting Producer
Jeff Feldman - Original Music
Eric Hanson - Cartoon Animator
Rachelle Sauve - Narrator
Tu-Three - Original Music
Eric Chorostecki - Sound Designer


  • Justin Podur - Editor of Z-Net online magazine
  • Scott Taylor - Publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine
  • Sherene Razack - Author, Professor of Sociology, U of T
  • Michael Mandel - Author, Professor of International Law, York U
  • Thomas Marr - Canadian Ambassador to Croatia
  • Richard Sanders - Editor of Press for conversion
  • Slobodanka Borojevich - Plaintiff in Lawsuit against Canadian Government over bombing of former Yugoslavia
  • Igor Todorovich - Economic Analyst and Journalist
  • Steven Staples - Director of Rideau Institute
  • Patricia Adams - Executive Director of Probe International
  • Karyn Keenan - Program Officer, Halifax Initiative
  • Sakura Saunders - Program Associate, CorpWatch
  • André Geneaux - Canadian Director of EBRD
  • Richard Veillete - Director General of CIDA
  • Jesse Griffiths - Policy Officer, Action Aid


58:45 min, NTSC 16:9
Interviews filmed in Canada, Serbia,
Bulgaria, Croatia, England 2007-2008.
Post-produced in Canada, winter 2008-2009


Empowerment Film Festival

March 30th - April 3rd 2009
London, ON, Canada

Bay Street Film Festival

October 1st-4th 2009
Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
People's Choice Award

Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montreal

Official Selection, November 15th & 18th
Montreal, QC, Canada

The World Community Film Festival

Official Selection, February 2010
Courtenay, BC, Canada

Reframe Film Festival

Official Selection, January 2010
Peterborough, ON, Canada

Les Rendez-Vous Du Cinema Québécois

Official Selection, February 2010
Montréal, QC, Canada

Nanaimo Film Festival

Official Selection, February 2010
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

The Female Eye Film Festival

Official Selection, March 2010
Toronto, ON, Canada

Audience award at the Bay Street Film Festival 2009
Official selection at RIDM 2009
Official selection at Rendes-vous de cinema quebecois 2009
Official selection at Reframe Film Festival 2010
Official selection at Female Eye Film Festival 2010
Official selection at Hamilton Film Festival 2010
Official selection at World Traveling Film Festival 2010, location Nanaimo
Official selection at Milano International Film Festival 2010
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